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Landpower EAST/West Ballasted Roof Solar Mounting System is specifically engineered for non-penetration roofs, which secures the array without damaging the flat roof. It is compatible with both framed photovoltaic modules and unframed thin film modules. This economical system requires no roof penetration and made from lightweight and strong aluminum construction and come with pre-assembled components, they are just require few tools, it is quick and easy to install.


Install site :Flat Roof
Tilt Angle : 5-10deg
Module Orientation: Landscape
Building Height:<20 m
Max Wind Speed:<60m/s
Snow Load:<1.4KN/m2
Distributed weight: 10~25 kg/m2
Standard :AS/NZS 1170 and other international Standard
Material :High Class Aluminum alloy Al6005-T5& Stainless steel fasten
Color: Natural

Warranty:Ten years warranty and twenty years’ service life.


1, Minimize Roof Space Limitation

The double-sided design of this ballasted mounting system let the solar module mounted in “shoulder by shoulder” which maximize roof arrays due to no shading spaces, therefore it optimize high power production.
2, Minimize Orientation Limitation
It is specially engineered with double-sided configuration to ensure solar module   to expose sunshine as long as possible in any directions. It’s suitable for all orientations installations.
3, Fast Installation
It is highly engineered and simplified ballasted mounting system, which   reduced number of components without module carrier rail, just direct clamping with ballasted base and tighten the bolts, everything is been done.
4, Economical
The mounting structure is a cost effective mounting solution. The quantity of components can be required and sold according to project specific calculations. The various components can be kept in stock to shorten time between planning and installation.
5, Long lifespan

All mounting structural components are made of high class stainless steel and anodized aluminum alloy, their high resistance to corrosion and complete recyclability, they are designed for twenty-year service life and backed by ten years warranty.


Project Reference(click here): Landpower East/West Flat Roof MW Project.

Landpower is leading manufacturer of solar mounting in China, We engineer and design Solar Racking/Mounting Hardware for specific solar projects, there may not list all the
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