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Solar Farm Fencing

Structure:  Gavanized or coated surface settlement, weaved and welded, using low carbon steel wires, fixed the linking accessories and steel pipe. 

Features: high strength, good steel nature capacity, wonderfull shape, wild field of vision, easy to install, feel comfortable and bright


Application:  triangle defending mesh is also widely used in municipal greenfield, flowerbed, workpalce greenfield road, airport, harbor green field etc. The products have beautiful shape, various colors, not only have the effect of defending, but also beautifying.

Technical Infomation:

Design:             Weldmesh Fencing

Applications:    Garden, Yard, Road

Panel Heights:  0.8m, 1m, 1.2m, 1.5m or customized

Panel Widths:   2m 

Gates Widths:  0.92m, 0.95m, 1.455m, 1.490m or Custom size gates available.

Materials:         Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel and powder coated available.

Colour: natural, green, white or customized

Duration: Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel--30~50 years.   galvanized wire and powder coated--10 year


we do customized solar farm fencing for solar farm applications,so if you have specific requirement feel free to contact us.we will try our best to do customized solutions for your projects.



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